New Resident Onboarding Process

Welcome home, with Bell Properties!  

We're delighted to welcome you to your new home!  

In this article, we'll cover the pre-move in process that's necessary as part of your new home.   

In addition to signing your new lease, you’ll also be responsible to pay rent in your new resident portal, and to provide us with the following, at least 4 days prior to your move in date. 

  • Renters Insurance (BELL Properties, Inc. must be added as additional insured) uploaded to ePremium and to our form (url below). 
  • All Utilities Activated in your name (use our free service, Citizen Home Solutions)
  • Emergency Contact information 

Here's how to purchase, or upload your existing coverage to ePremium: 

RENTERS INSURANCE:  All tenants must carry renters insurance and have proof of insurance, at time of move in.  Bell Properties, Inc partners with ePremium and policies can be initiated at,  any confirmed renters policy is acceptable.  All renters must identify BELL PROPERTIES, INC. as additional insured on your renters policy.  All policies must show at least $100,000 coverage.   Landlords are not responsible for acts of theft or natural disaster and renters insurance will help protect you and your belongings.   If Renters Insurance lapses, tenants will be billed $50 per month (or any portion of a full month) until it's reinstated.  

To avoid delays to your move in time/date, please ensure you've provided us Renters Insurance and all your utility information, at least four business days prior to your move in date.   You may obtain renters insurance from any company, but we’ve partnered with ePremium as their renters policy is superior to most others we’ve found, and will do an excellent job at protecting you and your belonging during your rental term.  

To turn in the necessary pre-occupancy information, please complete the form here.   

As a part of your move in process, we require utilities to be in your own name.  We have partnered with a free utility concierge program to help you turn on utilities in your new rental without calling and waiting on hold through several companies.  

Tenants are responsible for activating accounts for utilities not included in their monthly rent.  This information is contained in your Lease Agreement.  If you fail to activate all the required accounts, you risk having your utilities shut off by the utility company and delaying your move in.   


To learn more about Citizen Home Solutions, click here

If you have not done so already, please schedule utilities to be turned on or transferred into your name on your lease commencement date. Our FREE concierge Utility Service, Citizen Home Solutions, will be contacting you by phone to help you set up your utilities. This is a FREE service to assist you with connecting utilities, cable, and internet according to your area. If you have not heard from Citizen Home Solutions, please go to our website at: to set up your utilities.

Please be aware that it is *your responsibility* to ensure your power, gas, water etc. have been connected to your name by the start date of your lease agreement. This will ensure you do not have any disruption of utility services when you move in.  Regardless of your desired move-in date, utilities must be active in your name, if required within your lease, at the lease inception date - even if you don't want to move in on that specific day.   Delaying the utility activation will result in additional fees being added to your account (prorated utilities billed back to your account plus $100 service fee for the additional work required from our accounting team).  

When contacting CHS, just let them know to start your service from your move-in date and provide them with your property address and unit number (if any).  

At least 4 BUSINESS days prior to your Move-In Date, you must provide us your renters' insurance (with BP, Inc. added as Additional Insured), and all utility account numbers for the utilities you're responsible for, in your lease.   

To inform us, that you’ve activated services, please complete the form here.   

Access your account with our App

Remember to download and install the free resident/tenant app, 'RM Resident' (our company ID is bellprop), to perform maintenance issue requests, payments, and more, from your phone, tablet, or iPad.  With rmResident, you can make and view payments digitally, create maintenance requests virtually, and connect with management in a matter of moments.

rmResident* is a secure, easy-to-use mobile app you can use to make and view payments, review existing maintenance requests, submit new ones, and more.

With rmResident, you can pay rent and other fees, set up monthly auto-pay, and send maintenance requests to your property manager—anytime, anywhere.


  • Review all your account information quickly and easily
  • Pay your rent and other fees, view transactions and set up auto-pay to streamline your future payments
  • Create maintenance requests when something in your space needs to be serviced or repaired, and view past work orders directly from the app
  • We hope you have a wonderful stay with us!     

    On your move-in date; you'll receive access instructions to get inside your new property, by 10 am;  After you receive access information, you must complete the move-in inspection, through our app, within 12 hours of receiving access;  If you do not complete this move-in inspection within 12 hours, you've accepted the property as a perfect operational and cosmetic condition.  Please help us preserve your security deposit by performing your move-in inspection, within 12 hours of possession.    Thank you!

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