Lease Termination/Renewal - Change of Roommates

Process Overview: Roommate Transition and Lease Renewal for California Property Management Firm

  1. Notice of Intent:
    • At least 30 days prior to the termination of the current lease, the current household must submit a notice to vacate. This notice should be provided in writing, either through email or physical mail, as required by California law.  When completing the form, check the box that not all occupants are departing and inform us who will remain; Locate the form here.
  2. New Tenant Application:  Prior to the 30 days expiration date, the new roommate will need to complete an application and qualify for residency;  All applications are vetted individually and no credit scores are averaged.  
  3. Application Review:   The property management firm reviews the applications received from potential new tenants. We asses each applicant's eligibility, including background checks, credit history, income verification, and rental references. You can also review our application approval criteria here.
  4. Determination is made; 
  5. Lease Agreement:  Once the new roommate has been approved, a new lease is drafted, based on the terms mutually acceptable, mares rate rents and any increases determined appropriate.   All current roommates and the new roommate sign a new lease agreement at least 30 days before the termination of the current lease. The lease should clearly outline the terms and conditions of tenancy, including rent amount, lease duration, responsibilities, and any house rules.   
  6. Security Deposit:  Unless a security deposit increase is required, the existing security deposit will remain on file. The new roommate is typically required to provide a security deposit, as outlined in the lease agreement. The property management firm ensures that the security deposit is collected and properly documented in accordance with California law.
  7. Move-In Inspection:
    • Prior to the new roommate's move-in date, a move-in inspection is conducted by the property management firm. They assess the condition of the property and document any existing damages or issues to avoid disputes at the end of the tenancy.
  8. Departing Roommates' Responsibilities:
    • The departing roommates are responsible for settling any outstanding financial obligations, including rent, utilities, and damages, as outlined in their original lease agreement. The property management firm ensures that these responsibilities are communicated clearly.
  9. Transition Completion:
    • Once the new lease is signed, the departing roommates have vacated the property, and the new roommate has moved in, the transition process is considered complete. The property management firm updates their records and ensures that all relevant documentation is properly filed.

By following this process, the property management firm can effectively manage the transition of roommates, ensure lease compliance, and maintain a harmonious living environment for all tenants in the leased property.

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