How to Apply

What are the requirements to rent one of your properties?

1.         All applicants must present valid government-issued photo identification
2.         All proposed occupants 18 years of age or older and emancipated minors must submit a completed rental application
3.         All applicants must provide proof of legal and verifiable income:
4.         All applicants must have a verifiable bank account, as independently verified at the time of application, by third-party verification. 
a.       2-3 recent copies of verifiable pay records and/or documentation of any other sources of legal and verifiable income (including but not limited to, alimony, child support, trust accounts, social security, disability, welfare, retirement or investment income, student grants, and/or loans or any other legal, verifiable income).  Gross and Net income will be independently verified by Rent Butter. 
** APPLICANTS THAT DO NOT LINK A BANK ACCOUNT will DELAY THEIR APPLICATION PROCESSING BY UP TO 5 DAYS   ** Link your Bank Account in the application process for a $25 discount off your first months rent.
b. If you are employed, employment verification will be made either by FAX on the company letterhead or by phone. If you are not employed, your income must be legal and verifiable. 
4. Rental references
The following are the requirements you will have to meet to be considered for a rental:
1. Rental History
            a. No negative rental history
            b. Rental references will also be verified
You will need to provide 4 years of accurate landlord references (note: per FACTA Identity Theft regulations, we report false landlord references to credit bureaus and local law authorities). 
2. Income
a. The Monthly NET Income Requirement (for the household) is required to be at least 3 times the amount of the rent (after deductions, independently verified).  ** APPLICANTS THAT DO NOT LINK A BANK ACCOUNT will DELAY THEIR APPLICATION PROCESSING BY UP TO 5 DAYS
b.  Debt to Income;  If tenant has more than 40% debt to income, application will be denied.  Current loans for property may be excluded if evidence that the property is rented or a family member can show proof of two months recent mortgage payments. 
3. Credit History
            a. Credit: This will be determined by your credit history and FICO score (Risk Predictor Score), which are reported by the Credit Bureau
            i. Applicants with civil judgments, tax liens, forcible detainers garnishments, HOA assessment liens and water and sewer liens will be declined.
            ii. Applicants with landlord debt within the past 7 years will be declined
            iii. Applicants with eviction filings or judgments within the past 7 years
            iv. Applicants with collections totaling more than $1,000 (excluding student debt or medical debts) will be declined.
            v. Applicants with negative utility accounts W/I past six months will be declined.
            vi. Applicants with ANY delinquent credit within the past 60 days will be declined.
            vii. Applicants (or all applicants averaged) FICO score under 620 declined.
            viii. Conditional Approval: Applicants with a credit score between 620 and 699, and applicants with no credit history who meet all other rental criteria will be permitted to rent by paying an additional security deposit.  Applicants with a FICO between 620 and 699 will be assessed a credit contingency fee as outlined below. 
ix. Past Due:  Any applicant with past due account balances exceeding $500, within the past three years will be declined.
                        b. Bankruptcy: Applicants with dismissed Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies will be declined.
                        c. Applicants with evictions within the past 7 years will be declined.
                        d. Foreclosures will negatively affect an applicant’s credit. 

x.  Conditional Approval: Applicants with discharged Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies within the past 3 years who meet all other rental criteria will be permitted to rent by paying an additional deposit.

Residential Property permitted use:  No residential properties will be leased for business purposes.   Any violation of this will be cause for eviction if discovered after tenancy is granted.   

In order to evaluate the various applications it is necessary for Bell Properties to expend time and cost in credit reports, criminal reports, and other administrative cost. Hence, our policy that the application fee is NON-refundable. If your application is approvable, but not the approved one for the property for which you are applying based on the selection process (first completed application) you may consider applying for other available properties that we may have, without payment of an additional application fee. Your application can remain on file for 60 days. It will be your responsibility to visit our website and contact us for a property that you would like to apply with. 
All Applicants must sign your application and agree to the background & credit check 
If your application is approved, all move-in fees (DEPOSIT AND RENT) must be in the form of a cashier’s check or portal payment ONLY; funds are due & payable within 48 hours, at least 4 days prior to move in.  Leases will be executed within 48 hours of approval, regardless of desired move in date.  
If prospects fail to sign a lease and complete their lease & pay the move in costs, within 48 hours of approval, prospects will loose their approved status, and forfeit their holding fee.  

Max hold time:  All accepted applicants will be sent a lease, that must be signed with 48 hours, of approval, the maximum hold time for an active property is 14 days, or less

If approved and non responsive, you will loose your approved status within 24 hours of approval.   
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your application, please contact your property manager, or person that showed you the property.
By communicating with Bell Properties, you understand and consent to your calls being recorded.
Parking and pet policies vary at each property.  Assistive animals for persons with disabilities are not considered to be pets, but do require advance written approval of management.  Management will handle requests for assistive animals consistent with relevant fair housing laws, which may require written verification from a reliable third party of a disability and disability-related need for an assistive animal. 
Please ask if you have any questions before submitting the application.  E Sign the application where indicated.  
Application Process:   Applications are reviewed on first complete, first reviewed basis, if two applications are received in the same time frame, Bell Properties reserves the right to select the best qualified application.  When all adult applicants in the household complete their background check authorization and submits a complete application, the review process begins.  
Complete application consists of:
Complete application for every resident over 18 yrs.
Government issued Identification
Proof of income ** (Linked Bank Accounts will expedite processing by 3 -5 days): 
Save $25 off your first months rent when you opt in to link your bank account. 
Background and previous residence authorization 
Applicant paid screening fee (non-refundable)
Complete Pet Screening Application (per household)
All Tenant Applicants must screen at regardless of animal, service animal, pet or no pets.   
APPLICATIONS ARE INCOMPLETE until all items are received.    To confirm whether there are applications pending, ahead of yours, you may wish to call the office to confirm, prior to submitting & paying your application fees. 
Once all items are received, the screening will be performed.  
WE CHECK CREDIT REPORTS, COURT RECORDS, AND CRIMINAL RECORDS.  Criminal records must contain no convictions for misdemeanors for crimes involving violence, assault or battery, drugs, firearms; felonies within the past seven years and no sexual offenses ever. In the event a record comes back "adjudication withheld", “nolle prosse”, or “adjudication deferred”, further documentation may be required and applicant may be denied on this basis.  ANYONE CONVICTED OF MANUFACTURE OR DISTRIBUTION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE WILL BE DENIED RESIDENCY.    
If we find evictions, unpaid balances due to landlords, credit score beneath the minimum requirements, insufficient income, unsatisfactory references, some convicted criminal acts; and recent bankruptcies. Unqualified occupants or pets can also be a reason for decline.  Providing any false information (landlord reference, paystubs, animal information, prior residence information) will also be grounds for automatic decline.   
Per FACTA Identity Theft regulations, we report false landlord references to credit bureaus and local law authorities. 
We do not accept co-signors for our properties. The applicant is required to meet the criteria for the property based on their application presented.
We will process all applications and offer the home to the first complete qualified applicant or completed applicant party. To be considered all applicants living in the property must complete the application and provide all necessary paperwork to complete the process. Incomplete applications will not qualify and will possibly delay the process. In that delay another interested party can complete the process and be offered the property.
If declined, applicant will be notified by phone or email.
If approved, applicant will be notified by phone or email, and provided 48 to complete their lease agreement, and provide certified funds, regardless of lease inception date. If lease is not signed and funds are not received within 48 hours, Bell Properties, Inc. reserves the right to move on to next  applicant.  Move in funds are to be certified funds only and consist of the following:
                    Security Deposit:                 Typically 1.5 to 2x the rent, if unfurnished.
                         First month Rent                 varies
                         Resident Benefit Package:  $29.99/mo
                         Lease Administration Fee:  $250 - $400 
                         Key or pet deposit:             varies
                        Credit Contingency Fee;    varies
                        Pet Admin Fee:                  varies
                        Pet Rent:                           varies   
Application fees are non-refundable
Credit Contingency Fees - Applicants who score below 700 are deemed a higher credit risk. Statistically, they are more likely to default on their lease or pay the rent late creating additional workload and risk for Bell Property Management. These applicants will pay a monthly credit contingency fee based on their FICO credit score.  These fees are monthly & non-refundable

Credit Score

700 Plus  $0.00
690-699 - $10.00
645-689 - $25.00
620-644 - $40.00


If you have a pet there is an additional per pet application charge which is administered by a third-party pet screening tool.  All PETS must be approved by the Property Owner and/or BELL Properties.  If a pet is allowed there will be a one time Pet Administration Fee of $250 and additional pet rent of $25 - $50 per month per approved pet. In addition to Pet Rent, you may be responsible for a Pet Liability Fee. The Pet Liability fee is determined based upon the "Paw Score" that assigns to your pet. This score is determined using a proprietary formula that takes into account things like pet age, per breed, pet size, etc. Pet Rent and Pet Liability fees are both monthly charges. 

 Any unapproved pet, discovered during a tenancy: resident will be billed pet rent and pet liability fee, back to lease inception. 

For additional pet information, please visit:

Pet Rent / Pet Liability Fees: 

5 Paws $25/Mo Pet Rent $0/mo pet liability fee
4 Paws $25/Mo Pet Rent $5/mo pet liability fee
3 Paws $25/Mo Pet Rent $10/mo pet liability fee
2 Paws $25/Mo Pet Rent $20/mo pet liability fee
1 Paw $25/Mo Pet Rent $25/mo pet liability fee
0 Paw $50/Mo Pet Rent $50/Mo pet liability fee
For additional pet information, please visit:

This fee allows you the right to have an APPROVED pet on the premises. Tenant is responsible for all damages caused by pets. This fee is not a damage deposit!  The following pets are not allowed at any time: Puppies under 12 months of age, Akita, Alaskan Malamute, American Staffordshire Terrier,  American Wolf Dog,  Bull Mastiff, Cane Corso, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, Dogo Argentino German Shepherd, Great Dane, Mastiff, Pit Bull, Presa Canario, Rottweiler, Siberian Husky,  Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Wolf Dog Mix. Dogs that contain a mix of one or more of the above breeds, dogs, regardless of breed, that have been involved in a biting incident and any other aggressive breed dogs.  

RENTERS INSURANCE:  All tenants must carry renters insurance and have proof of insurance, at time of move in.  Bell Properties, Inc must be listed as additional insured on all renters policies.  We've partnered with ePremium and policies can be initiated at,  any confirmed renters policy is acceptable.  

All renters must identify BELL PROPERTIES, INC. as additional insured on your renters policy.  

All policies must show at least $100,000 coverage.   

1. Residents must maintain and provide proof of coverage for a minimum of $100,000.00 in legal liability protection prior to move in. This is to protect the property and resident from damage to the Landlord's property to include damage caused by Water, Fire, Smoke and Explosion. 

2. Our Community requires all insurance carriers to list Bell Properties - P.O. Box 498067 Cincinnati, OH 45249 as an "Additional Insured" on the Declaration page and that the insurance company will notify the community in the event of a cancellation or change in policy status. 


Landlords are not responsible for acts of theft or natural disaster and renters insurance will help protect you and your belongings.   If Renters Insurance lapses, tenants will be billed $50 per month (or any portion of a full month) until it's reinstated.  Lapses of renters insurance is also a violation of your lease and may be grounds for non-renewal or breach.

Utilities:    Utilities must also be confirmed to be in tenants name at time of move in, or move in will be delayed and additional fee may be imposed.  We have partnered with a free utility concierge program to help you connect all your utilities with one easy phone call.  If your application is approved, Bell Properties, Inc. will be submitting your contact information to Citizen Home Solutions, a concierge utility connection service. Citizen will contact you to assist with setting up your utilities, phone service, cable/satellite TV, and security monitoring. We strongly recommend that you deal directly with Citizen for these connections, as they are familiar with our requirements for satellite dish and cable line placement, and not following these guidelines could result in additional charges on move-out. By submitting your application, you hereby agree that Bell Properties, may provide your contact information to Citizen Home Solutions and that they may contact you.  If you wish to get started with Citizen Home Solutions visit:

At least 4 days Prior to move in, click here to provide us your utility account numbers and proof of insurance. 

BELL Properties does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap/disability, familial status, marital status, age, ancestry, sexual orientation, medical condition, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, source of income, citizenship, immigration status, primary language spoke, any arbitrary characteristic, perception, association, or any other basis protected by Federal, California or local law.

View Bell Properties Resident Benefit Package Here.

We are happy to be your new management company and look forward to a great experience!   Welcome home!  

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