Maintenance Request


What to expect for maintenance: 

Submit your maintenance request by entering your issue in the resident portal.     enter one issue per submission, be sure to include photos of the issue. 

Call 800-341-3281 to submit your emergency request.          We’ll send you a text, click the web link to let us know your schedule. 

We’ll let you know when to expect the repairman.          Let us know that your maintenance

During normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 9am to 4:30pm contact us by text using your account associated phone number, at 626-727-9082.  This line does not accept voice calls-and is not monitored onnights, weekends, or holidays.request has been resolved.  

  • Emergency Maintenance
  •          For maintenance emergencies, dial 800-341-3281; follow the instructions to speak with a representative any time day or night.     
  • Homeowners                                            
  •  Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their homes and landscaping and the utilities on their side of the utility meters.  The park is responsible for the maintenance of the rest of the park and the utilities on the park side of the meters.  Park trees, unless planted by the homeowners, are the responsibility of the park, as are the roads and amenities throughout the park.
  • Before you request maintenance, be sure to troubleshoot the issue. View troubleshooting tips by clicking here 

** Consult your lease to understand your responsibilities. For Issues that can be resolved through troubleshooting, if a vendor is dispatched, tenant will be billed for those repairs as well as repairs required for issues caused by improper or misuse. 

GAS LEAK: Call your Gas Company immediately if you smell gas or suspect a leak; even if inside your property/unit. The Gas Company has staff available 24x7. Even if you're not responsible for the gas account, you can call to report a leak. 

For emergencies, dial 911 then call the Bell maintenance hotline at 800-341-3281.

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