Is it legal to place RVs on mobilehome spaces?

It depends on the circumstances. When mobilehome parks were first constructed, designation as a park would normally have been made as a condition of city or county use permits or zoning requirements. Therefore, the city would have to enforce the conditions of the permit or zoning ordinance. The State Department of Housing’s Permit to Operate (PTO) reflects the number of mobilehome spaces and the number of RV lots. In the absence of local permit conditions though, a pre-1982 mobilehome park may allow RV’s and mobilehomes to be situated on mobilehome spaces, but only RV’s can be situated on RV spaces. In a mobilehome park developed after January 1, 1982, however, state law provides that mobilehome spaces shall not be rented for the accommodation of RVs unless they are in a separate area of the park designated for RVs and apart from the mobilehomes. 


● In parks developed before 1982: If there are no local permit or zoning restrictions, then RVs andmobilehomes may occupy mobilehome spaces, but mobilehomes may not occupy RV spaces. ● In parks developed after Jan. 1, 1982: No RVs are allowed on mobilehome spaces unless the mobilehome space is in the RV section of the park. 

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