Termination of Tenancy/Notice

The management may terminate or refuse to renew the right of occupancy of a defaulting resident upon the giving of a written notice to the defaulting resident in the manner prescribed by Section 1162 of the Code of Civil Procedure to remove the recreational vehicle from the park. This notice shall provide not less than 60 days’ notice of termination of the right of occupancy and shall specify one of the following reasons for the termination of the right of occupancy: 

(a) Nonpayment of rent, utilities, or reasonable incidental service charges; provided, that the amount due has been unpaid for a period of five days from its due date, and provided that the resident shall be given a three-day written notice subsequent to that five-day period to pay the total amount due or to vacate the park. For purposes of this subdivision, the five-day period does not include the date the payment is due. The three-day notice shall be given to the resident in the manner prescribed by Section 1162 of the Code of Civil Procedure. The three-day notice may be given at the same time as the 60-day notice required for termination of the right of occupancy; provided, however, that any payment of the total charges due, prior to the expiration of the three-day period, shall cure any default of the resident. In the event the resident does not pay prior to the expiration of the three-day notice period, the resident shall remain liable for all payments due up until the time the tenancy is vacated. (b) Failure of the resident to comply with a local ordinance or state law or regulation relating to the recreational vehicle park or recreational vehicles within a reasonable time after the resident or the management receives a notice of noncompliance from the appropriate governmental agency and the resident has been provided with a copy of that notice. (c) Conduct by the resident or guest, upon the park premises, which constitutes a substantial annoyance to other occupants, tenants, or residents. (d) Conviction of the resident of prostitution, or a felony-controlled substance offense, if the act resulting in the conviction was committed anywhere on the premises of the park, including, but not limited to, within the resident’s recreational vehicle. However, the right of occupancy may not be terminated for the reason specified in this subdivision if the person convicted of the offense has permanently vacated, and does not subsequently reoccupy, the recreational vehicle. (e) Failure of the resident or a guest to comply with a rule or regulation of the park which is part of the rental agreement or any amendment thereto. No act or omission of the resident or guest shall constitute a failure to comply with a rule or regulation unless the resident has been notified in writing of the violation and has failed to correct the violation within seven days of the issuance of the written notification. (f) Condemnation of the park. (g) Change of use of the park or any portion thereof. (Added by Stats. 1992, Chap. 310 (AB 3074, Wyman), eff. 1/1/1993

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