Can Residents Refuse to Pay Rent if no water?

Can the resident refuse to pay the rent or deduct a certain amount from the rent if water in the park is cut off?

No. Refusing to pay the rent or paying a reduced rent could lead to the residents’ termination of tenancy unless residents are willing to chance an eviction and use the lack of water as a defense. Instead, residents should file an emergency complaint with the Department of Housing (HCD) or a local enforcement agency if the local agency has jurisdiction over the lack of water in the park. An inspector can then cite the park for failing to provide adequate water and require the park to furnish bottled water and alternative bathing facilities until the water problem is fixed. The MRL requires the park to maintain the common facilities (which include the utilities) in good working order and condition. (Civil Code §798.15(d))


● Resident is not allowed to deduct rent in case of utility shut-off

 If there is lack of water, alert the code enforcement agency.

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