Bell Properties Home Ownership Program

Bell Properties works with commercial and residential tenants throughout California.  We're proud to extend our service offerings to assist tenants become owners, through our tenant to owner program. 


  • Great tax deductions for mortgage you pay
  • Mortgage payments could be fixed
  • Make changes to your property, without having to get landlords approval
  • Capitalization on your property is like having a savings account with high interest rate:  the value of your property will likely increase
  • Home Sweet Home … make your new house a home, not just a temporary living situation:  you are in charge – not your landlord

View the information below to see how much money you could be paying to own a home, instead of paying rent…

The money spent on rent over a period of years, add up to a sizable sum.

The chart below provides a complete total of how much money you could be paying toward home ownership, instead of rent.

How Our Home Ownership Program Works

We help you build your credit

We’ll help you build your credit, so you can obtain the best financing available to purchase a home.

We’ll help you eliminate issues from your credit

We can help you not just build your credit proactively moving forward, but also looking back to update your credit report.

We’ll connect you with amazing lenders

When your credit report looks good and your savings are sufficient, we have exceptional mortgage lenders, we’ve screened and made available exclusively for our clients.

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