Bell Properties response to COVID-19

The past few weeks have, undoubtedly, been some of the most life-changing weeks we’ve seen in modern times. The looming threat of the COVID-19 virus has taken this country, and our state, by storm. We are hoping and praying that the extreme social distancing will prove effective to slow the spread of this illness and that we’ll all soon be back to normal. 

As your property manager, we wanted to reach out and address a few important issues regarding the pandemic as well as your tenancy. 
1) Social Distancing’s Purpose
Right now, no doubt you’ve heard about (and are engaged in) what we refer to as “social distancing.” The purpose of this world-wide action is not simply to stop you from getting sick; the larger purpose is to slow down the progression of this virus so hospitals will not be overwhelmed with those who are most likely to be affected. Without social distancing, hospitals will quickly be overrun with far too many patients and not enough equipment to handle it. As such, we just encourage you to stay home and follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC, which you can read more about by going to
2) Maintenance and Repairs: 
Due to the restrictions on work and the need to keep government-mandated social distancing, we may be slower than normal to respond to non-emergency maintenance requests. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any requests, but please be patient as we work on what we can when we can. And if any maintenance workers are sent to your home, please be sure to keep at least six feet away from them, to maintain the social distancing.  
3) Rent Payments:  
As of now, the owners of rental properties in the United States are still responsible for making their mortgage payments to most all banks, as well as paying for taxes, insurance, repairs, and other expenses needed to maintain your home. We still need to make sure we receive income to cover these bills. 
To facilitate your payment by electronic transfer, we’re waiving the service fee to pay by ACH, again in June, 2020.  We’re absorbing the ACH fees, for the immediate near future.  
We also make it easy for you to pay at many cash pay locations with cash payments; the cost of CashPay is just $4.  If you need help with your CashPay Account, contact your property manager.  
We also offer Credit Card Payments - and there remains a payment processing fee for Credit Card Payments.  
As a reminder, we do not accept cash at the office, dropped off, nor by mail. 
If you have lost all ability to pay rent, including losing your job, your other sources of income, your unemployment has run out, and no government assistance comes to fruition, then please call us at the office as soon as possible so we can help you go over your options. Communication is key and urgent. 
This is a rapidly changing time for everyone, tenants and landlords alike and we will continue to monitor the economic landscape in the coming weeks and months. Thank you for being a valued tenant and we look forward to getting through these tough times together.  We understand that you may have been financially impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we will do what we can to assist you. We hope that this is a short-term crisis and that in a few months, everyone will be back at work and our lives will return to normal.


There are many non-profits as well as local and federal agencies that can provide temporary monetary relief. 

Financial help for those in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles

For additional resources: Click here or here   

LA County has many resources to assist you as well.   Groceries:  Need food?  Click here

There’s also a sizable federal stimulus package; many will qualify for $1200.  

If you wish to communicate with us regarding other options, please click here

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